Marketing & Advertising

KORE Communications provides marketing and public relations services for businesses, start-ups, non-profits.

Government Affairs

KORE Communications specializes in bridging the competencies of government affairs and public relations.

Branding & Marketing Services

Full Service Graphic Design

KORE Communications has the most powerful graphic design tools and creative graphic artists to help achieve a look and feel for your company’s brand that is both current and timeless. From original logo conception through production of your graphic materials.

Custom Photography & Photo Editing

KORE Communications has in-house and contract photography services to complete even the most complicated photography assignment. We also have the tools to graphically enhance your images to meet your exacting standards.

Social Media Management

Busy companies often overlook the need for a robust and compelling social media presence. We use the latest technologies and a point by point interview process to ensure we are delivering the best social media maintenance that money can buy.

Video Planning, Filming & Editing Services

KORE Communications uses in-house and contract video production companies to meet the vast array of video needs. Adding video to your website or presentation is the best way to grab the attention of your potential clients.

Web & Mobile Application Design

KORE Communications will work with your web designer or one of our partners to ensure that your pages are both legible and easy to use regardless of the device they are displayed on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you build it they will come does not apply to websites. A complicated set of tasks and specific data implementation is necessary to ensure your site is coming up in the search engines under a myriad of applicable queries. If what we just described leaves you scratching your head, you are not alone. Call us today and we’ll explain why Search Engine Optimization is so critical to your online success.

Social Media Training

Sometimes all you need is a hand in getting started in social media. In addition to maintaining the social media of our clients, we also offer training so you can do it yourself!

Web, Magazine, Radio, TV & Newspaper Advertising

The web is great, but it is no substitution for more conventional advertising. Magazines, newspapers and radio programs are still cost-effective ways to advertise your business.

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